Who can be a Mentor?

Anyone with relevant expertise who can add value to a start-up/ entrepreneur by providing:

  • Advice on startup related strategic and operational issues across areas like business model/plan, startup team, funding options, scaling up, handling issues among founding team etc.
  • Access to contacts for sales, recruitment, tie-ups, PR
  • Access to funds (debt or equity) through self or through contacts to angel networks, lending agencies, VCs etc.
  • Access to infrastructure - Hard infrastructure (office space, IT requirements) & Soft infrastructure (legal services, accounts/payroll, IP, research)

Mentors might differ by:

  • Objectives of mentoring
  • Levels of time commitment (2/4/8 hours per month) to the mentees
  • Types of resource commitments (advice/contacts/ funds/ infrastructure etc) to the mentoring process