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Vaman Kamath

Consultant, Confidence Architects
City: Bangalore


Venture Capital

Areas of speciality:

Branding, Design, Marketing

We have created a revolutionary approach to communication that enables people and companies to effectively interact with their target audience. Whether it's through verbal, written or visual communication, following this universal framework results in confident and clear communication. We have used our experience as communication instructors at Stanford University to design speeches, presentations, products, and websites to fit the unique needs of target audiences for many years. The desire to understand the perspective of each client is what motivates us every day. One of our favorite client segments has been start-up companies that are in the process of looking for funding. We have successfully used our framework to help these companies understand, design and present effective content for the venture firms they hope to approach.

My primary objective is to change the way these start-ups think about communication. A clear effort needs to be made to understand the various audiences an organization needs to interact with and that skill is what I hope to impart on my mentees. Thi

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