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V Chandrasekaran

Co-Founder & CTO, Secova eServices P.Ltd.
City: Chennai


IT / Web / Internet

Areas of speciality:

General Management, Strategy

1. I am a serial entrepreneur, having founded two companies - Congruent is a leader in the niche space of Retirement plans, with a significant product offering, technology and business process services; Secova is now an established name in Human Resources Outsourcing with specific focus on Health & Welfare benefits administration and marquee clients in US. 2. I have been mentoring two business ventures in Chennai - one a small software product company and another is a medium-sized industrial construction house. 3. I am part of the mentoring team in TiE Chennai and a charter member 4. I am quite involved in studying and appreciating our heritage, culture and arts. In our house, we have have been hosting Chamber concerts(classical music - Carnatic & Hindustani), once in a month, for nearly 17 years. The who-is-who of classical music world have performed in our house. I have taken part in theatre productions. We have organized a 36-part series of lectures by eminent historians & researchers on the History of India from the Vedic/Saraswath civilization times to the present. 5. Other interests include wildlife, photography & Yoga (a practitioner for nearly 10 years) 6. I keep questioning about life in general and have a spiritual inquiry going on for decades. I think my spiritual orientation gives a holistic view and touch to my mentoring efforts

I may sound altruistic or even utopian. However, I truly believe that our country is poised for big growth and capable of leading every aspect of life, particularly business. The key driver and issue is leadership. It is necessary to develop leaders and s

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