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Mr. Sudarshan Narayan

Management Consulting, Clark & Kent
City: Mumbai


Consulting, Venture Capital

Areas of speciality:

Branding, Investments, Strategy

Sudarshan has built a small but successful cross border executive search & consulting firm. Very high end with very high entry barriers. Created a niche for the company. Built world wide network of HNIs, investors and corporate leaders in a short span of five years. Hes involved in research, industry trends, business analysis, strategic planning, sales and marketing. His work leads him across continents and he is well versed with the nuances of doing business internationally. He enjoys launching new businesses and supporting other entrepreneurs. Passions - travel, fashion, business building, lifestyle, sports, Areas of interest - entrepreneurship, wealth creation, outer space & aliens, lives of great men and women, art of ancient warfare.

Objectives : To help at least three start ups generate revenue and get funding over the next 2 years. To identify great ideas with global applicability and convert them into actual business We work with entrepreneurs in three stages : Stage 1 : Be

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