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Subramanian Balakrishnan

Director - Marketing, Thirdware Solution Ltd
City: Chennai


Engineering, IT / Web / Internet

Areas of speciality:

Finance, General Management, Marketing

I am a qualified Cost and Works Accountant and a Company Secretary. In addition, I am a Law graduate from Chennai Law College. 1989, I started my professional career as an independent consultant on Management Accounting. I consulted for a medium scale magnet manufacturing company advicing them on their costing and pricing. This company, with wide range of products, was making loss and was not clear about actual cost for each of its product lines and effect on their pricing. I helped them identify direct / indirect, variable / fixed cost and profitable / not profitable products for correct pricing. 1991, I co-founded a company to manufacture fibre board drums in Pondicherry. We took term loan from PIPDIC, Seed capital from SIDBI and working capital facility from Indian Bank. We located the manufacturing unit in Pondicherry to take advantage of tax benefits and proximity to major customers. We achieved market leadership in Tamilnadu within 3 years and in South India within 5 years. I was in active management till 1999 but continue on their board till date. During that time I achieved low cost automation and vendor development promoting employees as entreprenuers. I worked closely with Indian Institue of Packaging and served on their regional management committee for a year in 1998. 1999, I ventured into employment. I was driven by the desire to experience larger business challenges and role of IT (especially ERP). For the last 10 years, I have executed projects in more than 10 countries and helped companies like Ford Motor Co, Coca Cola in implementing their business driven IT projects. For the last 2 years, I am driving Marketing in India and United States in a initiative driven approach. I believe in passion, research, financial discipline and integrity for success

When I co-founded a manufacturing unit in 1991, I was mentored by an industrialist and immensely benefited. This was instrumental in my approach for vendor development. We encouraged some of our employees to start units to supply to us. We helped them wit

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