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Sanjukt K. Saha

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, One Billion Minds
City: Bangalore


Cleantech, Engineering, Venture Capital

Areas of speciality:

Business Model, Innovation, Strategy

Sanjukt founded One Billion Minds with the dream of engaging a billion young people to change the world by solving real problems posed by Corporations and Non Profits. He is driven by the vision of creating the world's largest early stage innovation ecosystem where Corporations and Non Profits obtain disproportionate benefits out of their innovation expenditure. In his last position as Executive Vice President for India at Patton Electronics, a 25 year old telecom equipment manufacturer, Sanjukt reported to the Board and was responsible for leading and executing the country business. He is a change driver with over 11 years of international business experience and a strong understanding of emerging markets, especially India. He has worked previously for FTSE and NYSE listed companies as well as start-ups leading strategy and business development in the UK and EMEA. A Mechanical Engineer from the Indian Institute of Technology, he is a general management MBA from the European School of Management and Technology Berlin, where he was an Axel Springer mentored scholar and elected Class President. He previously attended an advanced executive program offered by INSEAD & McGill University. Sanjukt has strong interests in globalization, strategic investing & open innovation, is widely traveled & networked.

I am looking for young engineers with a dream to change the way we work or live. It would be exciting to share my experiences, listen to new ideas and go through a two way conversation on creating business innovation or social change.

Time Commitment

10 Number of Hours per Month

Space Commitment

3 Seats over a 12 Month Period

Investment Commitment

0 Lacs over a 0 Month Period