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Sanjiv Kumar

IT Consultant, Business Analytics/Data warehouse, Cognizant Technology Solutions
City: Pune


Consulting, IT / Web / Internet, Retail

Areas of speciality:

General Management, Marketing, Product Development

Presently, I am involved as a Program Manager with top IT Consulting Cognizant Technology Solutions. I look into the Business Development in Data Warehouse/Analytic/Performance Management group. I love talking to people and sharing my knowlwdge and experience of international market. By heart, I am an Entrepreneur, always doing innovation through strategy to help my group in Service offering Portfolio and Management.

As I am have a good amount of exposure to IT Analytics, I think that India is going to adapt this tool for winning the market and consumer. In today's competitive environment, SME can use this to check their facts and measure using these tools to design t

Time Commitment

40 Number of Hours per Month

Space Commitment

Seats over a Month Period

Investment Commitment

Lacs over a Month Period