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Sanjay Mehta

Entrepreneur (Founder and Jt. CEO), Social Wavelength
City: Mumbai


IT / Web / Internet, Retail

Areas of speciality:

Branding, General Management, Marketing

Having spent from 1998 to 2007 starting up and running an Internet venture,, I have entrepreneurial drive, the ability to think on my feet, an intuitive understanding of the Internet space, the clarity of a 360 view on business, and a make-it-happen attitude. After divesting from, as I took up the position of COO at an 800-person team, at Compare Infobase Ltd., another Internet company, I put up structures, systems and working methodologies, to take the business from relative chaotic growth, to more sustainable, planned progress. I also strategized the business model, and shed few activities and people, and retained more relevant divisions, converting them into strategic business units. Now, sensing the incredible need in the area, and a business opportunity as a consequence, have started up a new venture to offer outsourced services of Social Media Management for global organizations. The details: I have been an early Internet entrepreneur, and with 11+ years of experience, at a hands-on level, I would also be one of the most experienced in this space, in India. I co-founded my first startup,, back in 1998. I ran it for 9 years, before divesting and exiting in 2007. Then, I took up a professional career, as COO of Compare Infobase Ltd., an 800-person Internet business, at that time. After around 1-1/2 years at this company, I moved on to start my new venture. Just launched Social Wavelength, a social media management brand of Social PR Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd. I am B.E. Electrical Engg. (1985) from VJTI, Univ of Mumbai, and M.S. Electrical and Computer Engg. (1986) from the Univ of Southern California, USA. I spent the first 10 years of my career in an Electrical and Industrial Electronics manufacturing and marketing business, as a Director, before venturing into the Internet space in 1998. I have a total of more than 20 years of working experience.

My primary objective of being involved in this program, is to be able to share the experience that I have got, at a hands-on, real world level, in building an enterprise. I believe I can understand an entrepreneur at her level, and should be in a position

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