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Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jain

Top Managment, TT Limited
City: Kolkata


Retail, Social Enterprise, Venture Capital

Areas of speciality:

Business Model, Marketing, Strategy

I am running a Rs 400 crore company. We are vertically integrated textiles company and are catering to both domestic and global market. I love travelling (have visited 40 countries) and networking. I look at all aspects of business and can provide a holistic view on new ideas.

Based on my experience, i can provide a holistic view on new ideas and guide people on how to create a proper structure around a good idea. I could act as a good sounding board to new ideas, to enable critical analysis of the commercial prospects to new ideas.

Time Commitment

5 Number of Hours per Month

Space Commitment

0 Seats over a 0 Month Period

Investment Commitment

0 Lacs over a 0 Month Period