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Sachin Chavan

Consultant & Coach, Independent
City: Mumbai


Education, Energy, Social Enterprise

Areas of speciality:

Business Model, General Management, Strategy

IIT BTech & MBA from SPJIMR. 6 years with Accenture (Business Consulting), 7 years independent practice as Capital Markets Analyst & Advisor, 2 years as Independent Consultant and MentorCoach (trained counsellor). Originally a strategy & ops consultant, have been an Investment advisor in the past. Over years I figured I enjoy Career counselling and Mentoring. I continue to work with entrepreneurs and small-medium enterprises as a sounding board cum consultant. There are some other interests such as holistic education and positive psychology. Its difficult to draw a boundary around my interests and activities and I choose not to... because its systemic connectedness that fascinates me. A confluence of Systems Thinking and Vedanta, as applied to life today. My purpose is \'to help evolve strategic clarity for holistic growth.\'

Entrepreneurship is a lot more about the entrepreneur him(her)self and his passion & purpose. I like to start there. Adopting an \'empathic listening\' approach, I can help the entrepreneur get clarity on himself, his purpose and vision for the startup. F

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