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Mr. S P Joshi

Consulting, Markstrat-Consulting Pvt Ltd.
City: Delhi



Areas of speciality:

Business Model, Marketing, Strategy

Experienced and pursuing consulting business in areas of markleting startegies, sales strategies, market entry strategies, business strategies & plans, company set up and facilitation of processes. Worked in the industry for nearly 23 years. Tired of system of subordination and recognistion of individual competencies in Indian scenario, took the step to start own consulting business. It was a struggle for initial 2-3 years but did not allow self confidence to shake. Perseverance and persistence paid off. Now running a small consulting business that satisfies all my personal needs.

Share my knowledge and experience of over 30 years in Indian industry and facilitating putting it to use if and wherever possible. Provide strategic inputs to desirous.

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