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Mr. Rajdeep Sahrawat

Senior IT Executive, TCS
City: Delhi


IT / Web / Internet

Areas of speciality:

Innovation, IPR, Strategy

I have been part of the Indian IT industry since 1990 and have worked with TCS & NASSCOM for 16 & 3.5 years respectively. Both the stints have provided a tremendous exposure to the IT industry, both within India and outside India. I firmly believe that while the last decade has been phenomenally successful for the Indian IT industry (10X growth), the next decade can be equally if not more successful. Transforming these aspirations into reality will require a step increase in the innovation intensity of the industry and a up the ante on game changing innovations rather than focussing on incremental innovations. To make this happen, the Indian innovation ecosystem has to act as a system rather than an assimilation of heterogenous silos with tenuos linkages. Making the Indian Innovation ecosystem work towards its potential is my passion and several of the initiatives I was involved during the last few years (India Innovation Fund, DST-NASSCOM Doctoral research program etc) were aimed at the development of the Indian Innovation ecosystem.

Increasing the innovation intensity of the Indian IT industry, particularly the startups would be my primary objective and changing focus from incremental innovations to game-changing or disruptive innovations would be my secondary objective. Havin

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