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Mr. Rahul V Shah

Director Customer Solutions, eInfochips
City: Ahmedabad


Engineering, IT / Web / Internet

I am currently working with eInfochips as Director Customer Solutions. In last five years at eInfochips I played various roles starting with being a team member and growing all the way to be more customers focused and heading the IT infrastructure at eInfochips. I firmly believe that the growth of any business is purely based on the customer understanding and coming up with solutions to create a win-win scenario. Prior to joining eInfochips I have good technical background after working in companies in United Status of America like IBM, Chameleon Systems and Sonics Incorporation. I not only worked with multi-national companies across US and Europe but also ventured out to be the first employee of another startup in service domain. I provide innovative solutions at eInfochips to create more differentiators and provide a good value add to customers, but I have also authored various articles to predict the future challenges and solutions in the design services domain. My recent article in Electronics Design Strategy News (EDN US) talked about the power challenges which will be faced by industry and the need to come up with a standard approach of managing the low power designs. I am a part of Board of Studies in Nirma University and Dharamsingh Desai Institute of Technology. I am also actively involved with the education system to enable the industry and education university relationship to enable the next generation with latest market trends and demands.

I moved back from US in Aug 2003. I am based out of Ahmedabad and decided to stay back with my family instead of shifting anywhere else. I realized that we have many engineers and professionals who move out of their hometown due to lack of opportunities.

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