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Mr. P.Dinakara Rao

Director-- Spyn Financial Services Pvt Ltd, Spyn Financial Services Pvt Ltd
City: Hyderabad


Education, Financial Services, Social Enterprise

Areas of speciality:

Business Model, Finance, Human Resource

With 37 years of experience in banking sector and 4 years in the field of corporate social responsibility ,micro finance and education,loves to interact with youngsters who are committed and focussed and guide them in vaious fields of project preparation ,appraisal,private equity,with main motto of providing winning solutions for all the stake holders .Will also be in apositions to provide better i ights insights in to one\\\'s ownself so that inner strengths are harnessed more effectively.

Primaryly to be friend philosopher and guide to youngsters and also to provide hand holding services so that the pitfalls which a new entrepreneur generallhy faces in his journey are avoided.

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