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Mr. Nitin Yadav

CEO, Mereex Services Pvt Ltd
City: Bangalore


IT / Web / Internet, Venture Capital

Areas of speciality:

Business Model, Customer Relationship Management , Fund Raising, General Management, Investments, Product Development, Testing

I have over 15 years industry experience in IT, Entertainment & Recruitment. My past experience includes work at Aditi, Talisma, PI Corp, Microsoft, Seventymm. I currently run Mereex Services a consulting firm providing services to SME and startups. In addition, I am actively involved with VcBytes which provides capital and fund raising advisory services to startups. Areas I can contribute: 1) Online & Offline Marketing 2) Technology 3) Product Strategy 4) Accounts & Operational support 5) Customer Service 6) Fund Raising 7) HR & Recruitment

I already mentor start ups in various domains and believe MentorEdge can provide a large platform to extend my mentor ship. Being a entrepreneur, I understand the value a mentor can bring to the table. I would like to use my experience as leverage and contribute back to the start up ecosystem.

Time Commitment

15 Number of Hours per Month

Space Commitment

0 Seats over a 0 Month Period

Investment Commitment

5 Lacs over a 6 Month Period