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Nandakumar DV

Vice President – industrial Relations, Bosch Ltd., India
City: Bangalore



Areas of speciality:

Human Resource

I began my career with a 5 year stint in Corps of SIGNALS, with the Indian Army as a Short Service Commissioned Officer. The Army taught me the importance of discipline in success. It helped me understand various nuances of leadership, in particular the art of winning confidence of team members and motivating them. I developed my self belief and courage of conviction here. I learnt 'when the going gets tough, it is the tough who get going'. In my ~ 30 yrs of professional experience, I have always blended concern for people with relentless pursuit of organization goals to improve both employee productivity and nurture a positive work culture. I have rich experience of negotiation with major trade unions, in leading/ supporting many interesting change management initiatives in reputed organizations. I have good experience of conducting highly effective training programs to improve soft skills of associates. I want to contribute more meaningfully, by joining hands with an ambitious business leader and support fulfillment of his/her dreams with my close support. I draw motivation from my family, my principles, a strong sense of purpose and deep meditation. I pursue all my objectives with dogged determination, passion and with a matching focus on excellence. I enjoy challenges and thrive on them.

We are in an era of globalization. Nothing but the best will do. In order to remain competitive we must constantly innovate after being the best and stay ahead. Need for synergy, working with experts from different fields can not be over emphasized today.

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