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Mr. Nagaraja Prakasam

Managing Director, CDC Software
City: Bangalore


Cleantech, IT / Web / Internet, Social Enterprise

Areas of speciality:

Innovation, Product Development, Strategy

Nagaraja Prakasam holds more than 18 years of experience in the software industry including 14 years in a variety of management roles in the USA and in India at CDC Software. Naga\'s expertise lies in product development, sales and managing offshore R&D, services and support operations for enterprise software companies. As Managing Director of CDC Software SSEA, he is responsible for sales and managing the India Centre of Excellence in Bangalore, the largest development and support centre for CDC Software\'s enterprise software product lines. Under his tenure, the India Centre of Excellence has nearly doubled in size in terms of resources and the size of its facility. Naga instils an Intrapreneurial culture, which emphasizes on entrepreneurial approach within an established corporation, throughout CDC Software\'s India Centre of Excellence. By executing innovative initiatives around people, process and technology, CDC Software India has established itself as the exemplary model of excellence in development and operations for CDC Software\'s global infrastructure. He also successfully launched a sales arm in India to market CDC Software\'s CRM products and accomplished success just in 2 years of operation by acquiring 15 customers. Naga was recently promoted to oversee sales operations for entire South and Southeast Asia region. Earlier in his career, Naga managed technology development at CDC Software U.S.A and built a successful track record in streamlining and centralizing the development processes for the company\'s enterprise products with more than 26 products releases to his credit. Currently residing in Bangalore, Naga holds a B.E. degree from India and an MBA degree from the United States.

Naga is active in many organizations including serving as President of the Atlanta and San Diego Chapters for the Association for Indias Development and is frequently asked to speak on a variety of technology, leadership issues at major conference

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