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Milind Kulkarni

IT, FinIQ Consulting Pvt. Litmited
City: Pune


Financial Services, IT / Web / Internet

Areas of speciality:

Finance, Product Development

After working for 7 years with various financial markets software organisations, I decided to start my own product company built around the theme of yield-enhancement banking structured products. As the interest rates were falling, the relevance for these products was increasing. Having completed the first version within 18 months, we managed to sell our first license to DBS Bank Singapore, and subsequently monopolized the market in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. JPMorgan, Stanchart and ANZ are some of our largest clients with thousands of bankers using our platform to price and deal option-linked products. As the conventional trading systems are designed for investment banking traders they simply can not cater to the high volume, high velocity, lower-sized retail transaction workflows, which is where FinIQ\'s specialization is. FinIQ is probably the first derivatives platform designed for retail bank branch distribution purpose.

I have seen people aspiring for larger goals without scoping the complexity of the task at hand. Having set up a venture in a reasonably complex domain, I believe my experience can help give direction to people with similar interests and save them on time

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