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Mr. KV Ramakrishnan

visiting professor, CMRIT
City: Bangalore


Education, Engineering, Mobile / Telecom

Areas of speciality:

Design, Innovation, Product Development

I retired as a Deputy director/ Scientist in Charge Central electronics engineering research institute Delhi centre in the year 1999 and after working as a consultant to an industry at Delhi,moved to Bangalore and joined as a Director Industry Institute Interaction as also Professor and Head of Department of electronics and communication engineering AT SMVIT and later as Head and Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the same College.till 2006.Later I shifted to CMRIT Bangalore as Dean and Professor in the Department of Electronics and communication Engineering .During my career Till date I have guided a large number of under graduate and post graduate students in their projects.At CEERI centre I was involved in the development of microprocessor/microcontroller based electronics systems and know how transferred to the industry on Telephone Exchange,Power monitoring and display,Note counting machines ,Incubator for water analysis Electronic display systems Audio visual equipment etc.

My primary objective is to motivate young entrepreneurs to develop new consumer items in the field of electronics.Secondary objective is to turn young engineers into employment generating persons instead of employment seekers.With my experience of handlin

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