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Mr. Kannan Narayanaswamy

Founder, Startup to Scaleup
City: Chennai


Cleantech, Consulting, Financial Services, Healthcare / Life Sciences, IT / Web / Internet, Mobile / Telecom, Private Equity, Venture Capital

Areas of speciality:

Business Model, Finance, Fund Raising, Innovation, Investments, Product Development

Summary - over two decades experience in funding, investing, incubating and starting small industry. - was among the first to raise venture capital funds for the Indian IT industry way back in 1992, as part of Creditcapital Venture Fund (India) Ltd. (CVF) in Delhi & Bangalore. CVF was part of the Lazards Creditcapital Investment Banking Group, an associate of Lazards in India, - subsequently helped create a start-up VC Fund, the Sterling Technology & Venture Corporation (STVC). - last corporate assignment was with Polaris Software Lab. Ltd (6 years), handling a suite of Risk Management Products for the banking and the financial services sector and rose to a position of Vice President; handling M&A\'s, divestitures, incubations as well as internal process monitoring. - incubated a technology company, as an interim CEO, in a telecom software product development start-up, a Joint Venture of Polaris and the TeNet Group of IIT Madras. - was a regular contributor to industry magazines like Dataquest, a leading computer fortnightly from Cyber Media Ltd.; and Business Line, a business newspaper from the house of The Hindu, Madras; addressing issues in the Indian software industry. - Conduct seminars on Venture Capital for banks, financial institutions and in Business Schools/Universities - Visiting Professor, IIMA teaching VC and Private Equity courses. - Currently advise startups on scale-up and VC\'s in value investing.

Advising, Consulting and Mentoring startups is what I do and have been doing for around a decade. The clients/mentees I hope benefit from a) experience of having put together a start-up and successfully raised a round; b) been a VC and invested in companies; c) a wide network of friends and associates who would be of some help to the startup.

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