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Kanchan Kumar

Enterpreneur, Fluous Solutions Pvt Ltd
City: Mumbai


IT / Web / Internet

Areas of speciality:

Human Resource, Product Development, Sustainability

Passion - Setting up ventures - be it on my own or assisting others to setup is my primary passion. Have helped enterprenuers in diverse domains - primarily using my own successes and failures to guide growth and avoid pitfalls. Have grown myself in this entire process. Primary expertise - Technology - that\'s what I do for a living. However, being in HR Software space has given me deep insight into people management issues and being in enterprise software space has facilitated my learnings of various other industries, their business model and challenges. I have been in software product field for 20 years and an enterprenuer for past 8 years. Have faced severe challenges in this journey - primarily due to my own limitations - but have learnt, grown and overcome.

I strongly believe that mentoring is not about giving lecture nor is it about giving \"gyan\". Mentoring is about growing together. It\'s about sharing experience to help prepare roadmap, providing operational guidance to help avoid pitfalls and accelerat

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8 Number of Hours per Month

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