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K C Bhushan

Business Coaching, Shreyam Consulting
City: Pune


IT / Web / Internet, Social Enterprise

Areas of speciality:

Business Model, General Management, Strategy

1. Co founded Cashtech Solutions, a well regarded banking software product specialist. Exited in 2007 2. Co-founded Muktaa HIV Helpline (www.muktaahivhelpline.org) in 2005 3. Business coach for top management of small to mid sized companies. 4. I am deeply interested in helping social enterprises succeed. I am an advisor to eCoexist (e-Coexist.com) 5. I love classical music 6. I think spirituality works - it does for me

*Transfer knowledge and experience where it is required * Pride in associating with a premier institution

Time Commitment

10 Number of Hours per Month

Space Commitment

2 Seats over a 1 Month Period

Investment Commitment

0 Lacs over a 0 Month Period