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Dr. Hemant Vaidya

VP, Molecular and Microbiology R&D, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
City: Ahmedabad


Education, Healthcare / Life Sciences

Areas of speciality:

Design, General Management, Innovation, Product Development, Strategy, Sustainability

I am currently Vice President, Molecular and Microbiology Research and Development for Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics located in Sacramento, California. I will be independent consultant specializing in Product Development in In-Vitro Diagnostic Industry, starting March 2012. I have 30 yrs of research and development experience with 24 years in the Healthcare In-Vitro Diagnostics Industry. I received my Ph.D. in Microbiology (1982) from Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar; M.Sc. in Microbiology from M.S. University, Baroda and B.Sc in Microbiology (1974) from MG Science, Ahmedabad of Gujarat University. I taught Microbiology and Immunology courses at Gujarat College and SP University for total of 6 yrs. I spent 6 yrs as a Post Doctoral Fellow (with Dr. Jack Ladenson) in Clinical Chemistry at Washington University School of Medicine in Saint Louis, Missouri. His primary focus was cardiac diagnostics. During my fellowship I developed and patented monoclonal antibody for CKMB. This antibody is widely used in the diagnostics industry. I have four patents one of which is widely used in the industry and the other where company specific. I have published 24 papers in peer reviewed journals and have written few book articles. My passion is product development in the diagnostics industry. I have a broad background and fairly long and successful career in the field. I want to share that passion with the MBA students so that they have better understanding of what it takes to develop a product, from concept to commercialization. This process applies to industry in any discipline. The most important element of this process is that each function in a business influence and play unique role in the product development process not just R&D. As part of the leadership team I helped DuPont (now part of Siemens) start the Diagnostics Business in India, which has now been a $25 million revenue and growing. I see a need for India to develop cost effective diagnostic tests for its masses.

My primary objective is to share my experiences of taking a product from concept to commercialization. This can be done by mentoring program and through teaching the MBA students the Product Development Process, so that they become well rounded managers. I would add value to the process by asking the right business related questions for the start-ups to be successful.

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