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Gobinda Roy

Entrepreneur, Lakshya Foundation
City: Kolkata


Education, IT / Web / Internet

Areas of speciality:

Product Development, Strategy

My journey as a professional is enriched with my experience from Telecom sector, and entrepreneurship experience in Telecom and education management domain. My passion was to create and run something on my own and this may be a venture or may be a product in which I can enjoy something new crated by myself. During my corporate days, it was getting de motivated because of predefined work schedule, less scope to learn in that defined job description. After spending 9 years in corporate, I left corporate and joined a start up company named Wordsmith Communication run by my ex-colleague. Then I joined MBA in IIT Kharagpur. During my IIT days , I started pursuing my dream , ie my own venture in education management space . After MBA, I joined corporate and after a year I left to start my venture Lakshya Foundation ( www.lakshyafoundation.net ) for helping rural and semi rural youth for joining main stream life through supporting them for Joint Entrance Examination and Gramin Finishing school support . I have started an initiatives Swapna@JEE for rural youth , under this scheme , we provide free coaching and mentoring services to needy rural youth and very low cost coaching to students coming from lower middle class families . The whole journey in Lakshya is very challenging for mentoring rural youth , managing and developing content specific to rural culture , price , language barrier etc . It is great learning for me while extending my services to community. My second venture is www.embracetheleadership.com it is an IT and education research consultancy . We provide life cycle consulting for education ventures. So my association with these two ventures always puts me on platform where continuous learning and innovation are keys for growth and personal satisfaction

Primary objective and expectation: Primary objective: Personally I feel that the continuous learning and innovations are the keys for success for any entrepreneurship venture. My primary objective from this network is to get across the budding entrepre

Time Commitment

20 Number of Hours per Month

Space Commitment

15 Seats over a 6 Month Period

Investment Commitment

1 Lacs over a 12 Month Period