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Girish G.Vaidya

Director, IncValue Advisors Pvt. Ltd.
City: Bangalore


Education, Financial Services

Areas of speciality:

General Management

Girish has wide, varied and deep experience over 35 years in banking, technology and people development. He has worked for the last 11 years (31st December 2009) with Infosys and 24 years prior to that in ANZ Grindlays Bank. He was Director of Infosys Leadership Institute of Infosys. His responsibilities included ensuring soft skills development of 104K infoscions and leadership development of tier leaders of Infosys selected from amongst top 3000 managers of Infosys. He has personally worked with top 20 leaders who are being developed as successors to the present board members. Girish was heading Finacle Business Unit till 2005 and during his leadership the unit achieved tremendous growth. Girish also had a distinguished career in ANZ Bank where he was General Manager, Operations and Technology before he moved out in January 1999. Girish has a good understanding of strategic issues facing businesses and has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to make a difference. Having worked in different aspects of business, he is skilled at integrating different aspects of a business to offer a superior value proposition. Girish is a PGDM from IIM Calcutta (1975, 10th batch) and an engineering graduate from University of Bombay.

I believe I have the expertise to help entrepreneurs achieve their growth in a balanced way. I have mentored senior leaders in Infosys and helped them solve their business and other issues. I believe I can do the same with entrepreneurs. Having worked in

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