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Dr. Ravindran Lakshmanan

Self employed, Wealthmax Enterprises Management Private Limited
City: Bangalore


Financial Services

Areas of speciality:

Finance, General Management, Sustainability

Passion - in creating an enterprise. Being large is welcome, but being sustainable and never compromising on principles is even more important. Areas of Interest- Financial services of all kinds and clean environment which is my newest passion like enrgy efficient lighting and rain water harvesting which are vibrant resources of the future. Entrepreneurial experience- Have been self employed with a fairly good sucess of building brand \'Wealthmax\' which is the winner of GOI\'s Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award and CNBC TV\'s best performing financial advisor for southern region.

Primary objective : to give back to the society and provide support to start-ups emotionally and otherwise. Secondary objective: to learn from the youngsters itself and help them on stting realistic goals. Creating value to start ups- by spending qual

Time Commitment

10 Number of Hours per Month

Space Commitment

10 Seats over a 12 Month Period

Investment Commitment

10 Lacs over a 12 Month Period