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Dr. CK Taneja

Strategic / Management Consultant, Vriksh Consulting Pvt. Ltd
City: Delhi


Education, Engineering, IT / Web / Internet

Areas of speciality:

General Management, Human Resource, Strategy

CK Taneja Phd (UK) MBA (Singapore) MCA (Mumbai University) CK Taneja has worked in leadership positions for over 15 years in Singapore, USA and India. He has worked with organizations like Singapore Telecoms, Soffia Technologies, Amdocs, Convergys and was the Founder CEO & MD of Greenfield Online Pvt. Ltd. before joining Vriksh Consulting. CK Taneja is an enterprising leader with multi-disciplinary experience across industries and strong record of contributions that streamlined operations, invigorated businesses, heightened productivity & enhanced internal controls. He has nurtured organisations with limited resources into an entity to reckon with at the global level. He brings the expertise of delivering on High Impact decisions to overcome complex business challenges by creating buy-in from stakeholders, to support major initiatives.

My interest is in creating better entrepreneurs and successful startups. It is my passion to create startups and turn-around organizations.

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