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Mrs. Dolly Bhasin

MD, SPH Consultancy & eServices Pvt. Ltd.
City: Delhi


Cleantech, Education, Hotels / Hospitality, International Business / Export-Import, IT / Web / Internet

Areas of speciality:

Product Development, Strategy, Sustainability

I am a knowledge entrepreneur for last 16 years. 2 National awarded eGovernance projects have been conceptualised and executed by me. Recipient of Goldman Sach scholarship and USABF award, I have spoken/chaired and conducted Global conferences on SMEs, eLearning and Women. Have turned around 3 ventures as a serial entrepreneur and helped over 10 SMEs to launch globally. My mentees have been world class innovators and have been able to raise Seed Round funding in less than 3 years of their inception. I have trained and mentored 54500 students and women entrepreneurs in the last 16 years. I am a Gold medalist Electronics and Communications Engineer with specialisation in Marketing and Sales and Business Administration (Master card scholarship). I also have a Masters in Tourism and Travel from University of Nottingham (UoN Scholarship). An avid learner and knowledge sharer.

- Want to support and build atleast 10 product companies from India. - Want to prepare the youth and women for future of work. - Want to provide mentorship on cross disciplinary issues on sustainability - Want to promote and encourage entrepreneurship amongst young student startups and women

Time Commitment

5 Number of Hours per Month

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