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Dipin K

Business, IAccy Designs Pvt Ltd
City: Bangalore


Entertainment, Mobile / Telecom, Retail

Areas of speciality:

Business Model, General Management, Product Development

I am a professional with 16+ years of experience in starting up new business segments and successfully growing them . Having launched and successfully established several products and market segments like Photo printers for Epson , Final Cut pro & Apple premier reseller ( retail) model for Apple . I have ventured into my entrepreneurial venture , of manufacturing and distributing accessories for smart phones . Successful in launching and being present in the premium mobile store across India. I am passionate about learning and constantly updating myself , hence am a voracious reader and spend a lot of time online .

Primary Objective :- to Coach Startups to Evolve a scalable and profitable sales and distribution mechanism Secondary Objective :- To be part of and hence learn about new business models and evolving products My Vast array of experience & contacts in the

Time Commitment

20 Number of Hours per Month

Space Commitment

2 Seats over a 5 Month Period

Investment Commitment

5 Lacs over a 12 Month Period