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Mr. Dipak Sanghavi

Managing Director, Nilon\'s Enterprises Private lLmited
City: Pune


Consumer Services, Retail

Areas of speciality:

Branding, General Management, Marketing, Product Development, Strategy

Areas of interests are creating sustainable value for the company and the brand by creating better product, bringing more efficiency in the system, being cost leaders and generating reach to the target market, making our product as most preferred brand / product. Have been running Nilon\'s, a processed food company as second generation entrepreneur and have been able to grow at 50% plus CAGR for past 9 years.

Would be able to coach the Mentee by now giving exact solutions but by stimulating him to think and find his own answers.

Time Commitment

0 Number of Hours per Month

Space Commitment

2 Seats over a 6 Month Period

Investment Commitment

5 Lacs over a 6 Month Period