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Dinesh Dua

C.E.O. & Director, Nectar Lifesciences Ltd.
City: Delhi


Healthcare / Life Sciences, Media / Entertainment

Areas of speciality:

Business Model, Product Development, Strategy

Give back to the society that you\'ve taken from it.Help promote Indian Global Leadership in Lifesciences across the world in a reinforced manner & replicate this success in both biotechnology & Nanotechnology in Lifescinces sector to help alleviate human suffering at affordable costs. In the last two dispositions including the current one I\'ve spearheaded businesses like stand alone initiatives by startingnew initiative particularly niche ones which have succedded & flourished as stable & mature businesses. I\'m very passionate towards people who forsake comforts,cushions of relaxed living,enjoyments at times to do something wortwhile for humanity,nation,people & world at large.

Get professional & personal satisfaction of guiding a young upstart to promote enterpreneurship.There is enormous work to be done in India in Lifesciences th\'gh small but significant initiatives which can help India emerge as a leading enterpreneural

Time Commitment

10 Number of Hours per Month

Space Commitment

2 Seats over a 12 Month Period

Investment Commitment

10 Lacs over a 12 Month Period