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Mr. Dillep Kheleyy

ERP & Business Process Optzn, Dillep Kheleyy Management Consultantss
City: Pune


Engineering, Private Equity

Areas of speciality:

Business Model, General Management, Strategy

My passion is menting and monitoring a business through Business Process Optimization & Operations management with the tools like planning and review systems. ERP is a middleware when an organizaitonal culture is come up to sustain the same. As regards ERP, I would be my keen interest & domain expertise, to help out an organization or an entrepreneur.Let it be 1) a before start situation or a complexity in implementation, 2) relations in solution provider and end users organization. Or 3) dead lock after implementation. 4) complications in the data / configuration 5) Enhancements after successful use of the Business Solution. 6) Automation and controls 7) Business Operations review system and participation

Primary objectives are 1. Help out the entrepreneurs through my domain knowledge, contacts, experience and expertise. 2. Give out benefit to society out of what I have gained through number of years of experience and from my basic potentials. Secondary 3. Business Operations review system and participation to improve performance.

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