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Mr. Dharmesh Karmokar

Service, DHPL
City: Mumbai


Consulting, Hotels / Hospitality

Areas of speciality:

Branding, Business Model, Strategy

ENTREPRENEUR Profit Centre Operations ~ Marketing ~ Franchisee Management ~ Business Development ~ Branding Senior Professional offering nearly 19 years of strong, decisive executive leadership in well known organisations. Extensive background in complex and challenging environments with proven ability to represent the organization with Customers and Franchisees. Strong business acumen with skills to remain on the cutting edge; drive new business through conceptualising strategies, augmenting & streamlining franchisee networks, implementing promotions etc. Excellent communication and people management skills that have been honed through managing multi skilled teams. Exceptionally well organised with a track record that demonstrates self motivation, creativity, and initiative to achieve both personal & corporate goals. Avid traveller and backpacker, visits B Schools like NITIE, NMIMS, Welingkar and Chetana as a guest Lecturer, and a visiting faculty teaching Brand Management at CIMR, Bandra. Has successfully created and consulted brands in the hospitality segment, this success was transferred to other industries too, like F&B, bags & accessories, tobacco, PR company and travel cos. Currently part of the Mentoring team for Power Of Ideas an initiative from IIM-A & Economic Times.

Primarily to direct them towards success and avoid expensive mistakes, guide them to the power of the brand they can create in the initial stage itself. Assist them in seeing the larger picture. Secondarily overlook their internal strength and assist them

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