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Bibhu Kumar

CEO, DigiVive
City: Delhi


IT / Web / Internet, Media / Entertainment, Mobile / Telecom

Areas of speciality:

Business Model, Product Development, Strategy

Bibhu Kumar is the CEO & Founder of DigiVive a Next generation VAS and converged Media player. Prior to DigiVive Bibhu was the COO @ IMImobile for the Americas region. He was directly responsible for IMImobile's worldwide revenue generation efforts in emerging markets(Apac,MENA,Latam,U.S) as well as the day-to-day operations of the company's P&L for the region of America's. He joined IMI in April 2002 as IMImobile\'s \"General Manager Sales,\" leading the development and implementation of the company's initial business model and transformation from a Mobile Software company to a Mobile Entertainment Services company. Since then he has brought IMImobile to profitability and also build it into a Managed Mobile VAS business through sustain business process incubation, content-services-product mix, account management and service delivery. Bibhu has about 16 years of extensive experience in high technology consumer, and Mobile entertainment Telecom services holding key positions at several startups, namely HeadStrong,(IT Consulting and Development) Venture Infotek(Managed POS infrastructure and IT consulting) and ComViva (Telecom technologies). In all these organizations he was involved in building the revenue which accelerated growth and established business best practices.

Primary Objective is to keep pace with emerging innovation and ideas. Network with the broader entrepreneur community. Secondary Objective is to evaluate possible business cooperation, Incubation and or investment opportunities. I can add value by givi

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