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Bhavin Shah

Private Equity, Kotak Investment AdvisorsLtd
City: Mumbai


Financial Services, Venture Capital

Areas of speciality:

Business Model, Finance, Strategy

I like to meet with Entrepreneurs and see them succeed. Part of my experience has been meeting entrepreneurs across the country and understand/evaluate their business for equity investments. with that I have gained a fair understanding of businesses across sectors and more particularly from a financial perspective. I am quite passionate about Equities and Stock market and have funded individuals to start their own businesses in this area.

My objective is to support entrepreneurship and see businesses succeed. With my experience, I can add value more on the financial side and overall business strategy and market perspective.

Time Commitment

6 Number of Hours per Month

Space Commitment

0 Seats over a 0 Month Period

Investment Commitment

0 Lacs over a 0 Month Period