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Bhaskar Dey

Business Planning and Operations, Hewlett Packard
City: Bangalore


IT / Web / Internet, Mobile / Telecom

Areas of speciality:

Business Model, Customer Relationship Management , Product Development

I'm passionate about new ideas to grow business, transforming current business and driving change. I am interested in the area of business models, product development and innovation. I have been part of both small and large companies and have a comprehensive understanding of business. I worked for 3 start up companies, Pagepoint Motorola which was a start up in the paging services, Talisma in customer relationship management and Slashsupport in Techinical support. I currently work in Hewlett Packard, leading large transformational activities.

My primary objective is using my experience to help start up entrepreneurs and realize their dreams. It gives me an opportunity to further use my knowledge and skills developed over 17 years of business. My experience across multiple size companies and fu

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10 Number of Hours per Month

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