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Bhaskar Bhattacharya

Consultant, Aidias Consultants
City: Mumbai


Healthcare / Life Sciences

Areas of speciality:

General Management, Marketing, Strategy

* Lead Healthcare Consultant at Aidias Consultants (Current) * Director/General Manager at Bahwan Healthcare (Past) * Director Strategy and Business Development at Pfizer India (Past) * Director Pharmaceuticals at Pfizer India (Past) Education - * Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad * Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur These days my interests are in looking at businesses where I can bring to bear my expertise and experience and come up with solutions that address real business problems.

My primary objective is to look for opportunities where I can partner the entrepreneur and possibly invest financially. If this works out, fine, otherwise I will be quite happy to guide the Mentee by bringing a sound, scientific basis with which to unders

Time Commitment

40 Number of Hours per Month

Space Commitment

0 Seats over a 0 Month Period

Investment Commitment

5 Lacs over a 24 Month Period