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Bharat Goenka

Managing Director, Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
City: Bangalore


IT / Web / Internet

Areas of speciality:


Principal passion was and is exploring how software technologies will shape the way people do their work. A 'purpose' which gets followed - and which defines everything that has been done, is now being done, and will get done stems from "To make everyone who touches Tally - happier". In most cases, the 'happier' implies ensuring that people 'grow' as an outcome of this 'touch'. Entrepreneurial experience is singular: Tally :-)

My primary (and only) objective is to see how to help people reach the kind of potential which India offers as an opportunity. It is sad that in our space (software products) there are hardly any major success stories - even though the opportunity exists.

Time Commitment

15 Number of Hours per Month

Space Commitment

6 Seats over a 6 Month Period

Investment Commitment

20 Lacs over a 6 Month Period