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Mr. Ashwin Bhatia

Managing Director, Cosmic Aluminium Wires P Ltd
City: Delhi


Automobile, Consumer Services, Education, Energy, Engineering, Retail, Social Enterprise

Areas of speciality:

Branding, Business Model, Customer Relationship Management , Design, General Management, Innovation, Marketing, Product Development, Strategy, Sustainability, Testing

I\'ve always been an enthusiastic, inquisitive and creative person. As Student\'s reps during both IIT (Engg) and NMIMS (MBA)) days, was deeply involved in conceiving and organising an array of events from adventure sports, to trekking to glaciers to cycling races, etc. Always a good team player who effortlessly dons the leaders hat whenever required, always ensuring everyone\'s and the team\'s objectives are achieved. A natural sportsperson, was Captain of Athletics in school, college and even while working for Tata\'s. Presently Athletics Coach of Amity Business School, where I am visiting faculty. An active cyclist, am among India\'s top cyclists to be invited to India\'s toughest Races -The Tour of Nilgiris as well as the MTB Himalaya challenge. Am key member running our cycling club in Delhi. Also love music and play the Drums (was lead drummer at colleges) and the harmonica. Despite being offered lucrative job at TAS (Tata Admin Services- due to proven results at Tata motors and Tata Steel), ventured into Entrepreneurship straight after MBA. Began with a miniscule budget of Rs.30,000 and a rented room in a factory....we\'ve today got a multi crore business, four fully owned factories (including the one in which we were tenants) and countrywide presence plus exports. Besides the main aluminium wire manufacturing business, I also succefully ventured into several other sectors like Electronic Security Surveillance, Bio Lab turnkey projects, Energy management and more. Last 5 years, i have finally been able to take time out to pursue my passion for teaching by being a Visiting Faculty in business Schools in NCR Delhi, where I teach marketing, operations & Entrepreneurship.

My own journey as a first generation Entrepreneur was no fairy-tale. Like any typical story, there was a good share of struggle, joy, pain and tribulations. There were more failures than successes. Sure, the successes are the reward that keeps you moving, but its the failures that teach you all the lessons that get you there :) Despite having the best technical education in the country, I fell short on many fields. But with every problem, there was an opportunity learn something more, something new. This willingness to learn is among the key traits an entrepreneur needs to imbibe. After almost 20 years of being a hands on Entrepreneur, I\'ve pretty much seen it all and know what it takes to convert a good idea to a great success. I know what pitfalls await even the most well-prepared promoter. One does not need to re0invent the wheel everytime, there is help avaialable, if only we know where to look. I have realised I have so much knowledge and experience to share with the new startups, that it\'ll be a waste if it remains inside me :) As a Teacher of Entrepreneurship at MBA schools, I\'ve put this expertise and my joy in sharing and mentoring to good use and already have a string of hugely successful business stories...many from the most unlikely corners ! I\'m a motivator by nature, loving and nurturing. It is such a huge satisfaction to touch people\'s lives in ways even they never imagined ! All goes to prove that if the Mentor is will to share selflessly, commit unconditionally, every aspiring entrepreneur stands the best chance to become the next grand success story :) And THAT is why I am proud to be a mentor.

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