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Mr. Arijit Bhattacharyya

CEO, virtualinfocom
City: Kolkata


Education, IT / Web / Internet, Media / Entertainment

Areas of speciality:

Business Model, Design, Finance, Marketing

My involvement with software engineering began in 1996 when I took up basic programming as a hobby. Throughout the next three years this developed into a fascination with both electronics and software development. Awards / Achievements 1. In 2009 I became the international judge for “Dare to be Digital” for the game development competition at UK. 2. In 2008 I became mentor for “TATA UDUYOG PARBO” a joint initiative with NEN 3. Star Enterprise of the year 2011 4. Best Game Design Company Kolkata 5. Achievers and Leaders Award in 2012 6. http://www.animationxpress.com/index.php?file=story&id=19521 7. http://www.animationxpress.com/index.php?file=story&id=18631 8.http://www.yourstory.in/entrepreneurs/tech-entrepreneurs/3436-arijit-bhattacharyya-founder-virtualinfocom I began programming in late 1994 with BASIC, before progressing rapidly to C and C in early 1995 for DOS application development, then onto 32-bit development under Windows. I moved to RAD with Borland\\\'s C Builder (essentially Delphi for C ) in 1998. In 1997 I became involved in Internet technologies, progressing to dynamic, database-driven websites.In 2000 as I am an Artist I turned into the field of animations and late 2001 I became a Game Developer and Simulation Engineer. A combination of industrial experience and my degree has allowed me to work with a variety of technologies and develop software with a range of complexities and characteristics, from medium-sized web-based deployments to real-time control and embedded systems. I believe that more than just technical skill is required in the Computing industry so ensured I would have a basic knowledge of business processes and media concepts, which are vital to make technology work with a business rather than against it.

To show the path : how to bootstrap , how to start, when to get funded , how to get fund , how to scale up . Logics behind besiness etc.

Time Commitment

60 Number of Hours per Month

Space Commitment

2 Seats over a 2 Month Period

Investment Commitment

2 Lacs over a 3 Month Period