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Mr. Anil M. Paranjape

Venture Capital, Sustainability Consultancy, Fusiontech Ventures
City: Pune


Cleantech, Hotels / Hospitality, IT / Web / Internet

Areas of speciality:

Business Model, Fund Raising, General Management, Innovation, Strategy, Sustainability

After being a jack-of-all-trades in school, i stuck to a single passion (microprocessor designs) at Intel for 13 years. But then i realized i had kind of suppressed many other facets of my personality and many mental faculties all those years. So I switched gears, joined Intel Capital, worked in venture financing and business incubation, became an intrapreneur, built a startup, exited from it, and then returned to my home town of Pune (after 20 years) to once again be that old jack-of-all-trades. I think i have become a better jack this time :-)

My objective is to help Pune Entrepreneurs. I am already doing that in my individual capacity and thru some informal networks. Having been somewhat successful in it (in the eyes of the mentees), i want to continue to do it. My expectation is simply t

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