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Mr. Alay Desai

COO, BluFin
City: Ahmedabad


Cleantech, Engineering, Healthcare / Life Sciences

Areas of speciality:

Branding, Marketing

I spent last 20 years in technology industry working on the technology as well as the business sides. I am passionate about startups having founded them myself and mentored quite a few. I spent the last 10 years primarily around startups. Initially founding a startup of my own and then managing the VC and startup relationships in the Silicon Valley for Microsoft. Later on, I also started a new mobile services group within the Office Division of Microsoft. Currently I am the COO of a financial services startup BluFin (www.blufin.in). BluFin is a market defining financial information company that is on a mission to transform investing in India. Besides technology, I am interested in Plant Lifesciences industry and Cleantech (Solar) areas out of personal interest.

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