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Mr. Abhaya Borwankar

Founder, CEO, Algorhythm Tech P. Ltd.
City: Pune


IT / Web / Internet

Areas of speciality:

Marketing, Strategy

1978 batch. Worked for 10 yrs as an IAS officer in Maharashtra, then quit in 1991 to become an entrepreneur. Founded two companies - Temptation Food Ltd. (frozen foods) and Algorhythm Tech P. Ltd. (IT solutions for supply chain management). Entrepreneurship is a passion as I believe it is both current and relevant for the country. Love to chat and help entrepreneurs whenever and wherever possible. Other areas of interest - passionate about food & cooking; music; golf.

Primary objective is to help budding entrepreneurs by sharing my experiences for whatever they are worth, without any expectations of returns of any kind. Could possibly add value in the areas of - a) strategy; b) funding.

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