How does MentorEdge work?

The MentorEdge Network shall have active mentor network in each major city which would be spearheaded by the City Evangelist. The Secretariat Office at CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad shall provide all strategic support and monitor the process.

City Evangelist

CIIE will select City Evangelists per major city. These Evangelists will be graduates from local colleges, who wish to work with CIIE to create the mentor-startup network in their respective cities.


Mentors will be selected for every city by CIIE and the City Evangelists. These mentors will be experts across functional areas like finance, sales, IT etc or domain experts like cleantech, IT, retail, telecom, IT/ITES etc.


Secretariat, based out of CIIE, will work with the mentor network to identify start ups/entrepreneurs for mentoring in a structured yet flexible manner. The Secretariat shall coordinate between city evangelists and help set up the Process for Mentoring and the process for Involving Mentors and Start-ups actively through the initiative.

CIIE will work with City Evangelists to link the right Start-ups to the right set of Mentors. The nature of mentoring can vary across startups/mentors and over time. It can potentially encompass:

  • Advice on startup related strategic and operational issues across areas like business model/plan, startup team, funding options, scaling up, handling issues among founding team etc.
  • Access to contacts for sales, recruitment, tie-ups, PR
  • Access to funds (debt or equity) through self or through contacts to angel networks, lending agencies, VCs etc.
  • Access to infrastructure - Hard infrastructure (office space, IT requirements) & Soft infrastructure (legal services, accounts/payroll, IP, research