Benefits and Expectations from Mentors

The Mentors get to benefit from the association with the MentorEdge network in the following ways -

  • Give back to society and have the satisfaction of aiding the growth of an entrepreneurial venture with just a small time commitment
  • Chance to apply domain expertise in a different context from the mentor's own day to day routine
  • Chance to apply skills unutilized in jobs
  • Official recognition as a CIIE mentor
  • Investment opportunities as angel investor and the Mentor shall be allowed to purchase stock in the company at a nominal price he/she has demonstrated value-addition to the start-up over at least a 6 month period

CIIE has the following expectations from the mentors -

  • Be confidential regarding all proprietary information shared by the Mentee
  • Fulfil commitment in terms of time and other resources
  • The mentor would leverage his/her network to support the start-up
  • Timely response to queries and requests from CIIE.